10 last minute Mother’s Day gift ideas

Mothers Day Mix Tape

Here at Modern Woman HQ, we love our mums. They are the wonderful, kind, smart, loving, slightly bonkers human beings who made us who we are today. OK, so they still nag us to thank relatives for birthday pressies, make sure we wear a coat when we go out at night, and call when we get there. And we get that this is basically a Hallmark holiday dreamt up by marketing execs to make us spend money in a retail deadspot. However, childbirth does sting a bit, so we figure having to pamper our mums one day a year for life is a pretty good deal. Plus, sometimes my mum comes round to my house when I’m at work and makes the beds, which is pretty awesome.

If you want to show your mum some love this Mother’s Day, but you’re lacking inspiration, then read on – we’ve done the thinking for you…

  1. Gin. Once known as ‘mother’s ruin’, now a staple in every fashionable booze cabinet. It’s trendy, delicious, and there are dozens of different brands out there (many of which come in very pretty bottles). For full marks on taste and looks, we recommend Silent Pool Gin (£39.50 in Waitrose), and don’t forget the tonic – Fever Tree is a great option (available widely).
    Silent Pool Gin
  2. A Mix Tape. Instead of buying a CD, how about making your mum her very own custom-designed mix tape. You almost certainly know what she likes, so you can blend old favourites with new bands she may not have heard of. If she’s old-school and likes CDs, best to do this via iTunes. If you’re feeling generous, you could give her a year’s subscription to Spotify and set up a mix tape playlist for her!
    Old fashioned cassette tape
  3. Something gingham. OK, so your mum might not be able to rock a full on, Wizard of Oz-style head-to-toe blue gingham look, but even a gingham accessory of some kind will probably give her a nostalgic kick and ensure that she’s the trendiest mum on the high street this season. This Angie gingham dress by Fat Face is a sure fire winner, and costs £49.50.
    Angie Gingham Dress by Fat Face
  4. Housework vouchers. We all tend to go round to our parent’s houses, eat their food, drink their wine, and then think of a really good reason to make a quick exit just before washing up gets mentioned. How about dusting off your colouring pens and making some really beautiful housework vouchers, so your mum can have a bankable opportunity to put her feet up just when it’s needed.
    Housework vouchers
  5. Some ‘just-the-two-of-you-time’. That might mean booking a date for a nice dinner out somewhere, arranging a movie night at home, or a long walk in the country. Whatever you choose, as long as it’s time you and your mum can spend alone together having a proper catch up, we think she’ll be delighted.
  6. Flowers. Bit of a cliché, granted, and possibly one to consult with siblings on before committing, but most people love flowers and it’s an opportunity to show some thought. Consider what her favourites are, and what colour schemes she has at home before selecting. Maybe visit a florist to design your own bouquet for a really personal touch. And if you’re feeling flush and you want to give the gift that keeps on giving, sign her up for a regular flower delivery – we use Freddie’s Flowers, but Bloom and Wild also make lovely arrangements.
    Bunch of flowers
  7. Mugs. Everyone likes a compliment, and what better way to make your mum happy than to give her a compliment on a mug that she can flash around every time her friends pop in for coffee! John Lewis have a lovely range at the moment. Just think carefully about your mum’s style before opting for a traditional, contemporary or cheeky design.

    Mother's Day Mugs from John Lewis
    ‘Mummy Dear’ mug by McLaggan Smith, £9.50 | ‘Mother Superior’ mug by Susan O’Hanlon, £13.00 | ‘Best Mum Ever’ Wreath mug, £5.00 – all from John Lewis
  8. Chocolate. OK – another cliché, but most of us love the stuff, and chances are you don’t buy it for your mum very often, so why not? If you have a Hotel Chocolat nearby, they make stunning gift bags and boxes from £5.50.

    Hotel Chocolat small gifts
    Foiled Hearts ribbon bag, £5.50 | Everything Pocket Selection £8.00, both from Hotel Chocolat
  9. Scented candles. Women generally aren’t that hard to please. We like things that look pretty, taste yummy and smell delicious. Scented candles are great for all budgets (literally from £2 plus), and they create a cosy atmosphere which we’re still in need of with these chilly Spring evenings. Debenhams has a brilliant range.

    A range of scented candles
    Lily Flame ‘Over the Moon’ mini candle tin, £6.50 in John Lewis | Rituals ‘Sweet Sunrise’ candle, £21.00 in Debenhams | English Pear and Freesia Home candle by Jo Malone, £44.00
  10. A photo frame. Ideally complete with a happy photo of the two of you together (most Boots stores do automated self-service photo printing). Because until you’re a parent, you can’t possibly understand how much pleasure your mum will get from being with you and memories of the fun you have together. M&S have a wide range of styles to suit all homes and budgets.
    Three examples of photo frames from M&S
    LOFT copper and silver frame £12.00 | Feather round photo frame £12.00 | Hanging photo frame £7.50 – 12.00, all from M&S

    So enjoy your shopping, make sure you give it some thought rather than just grabbing at something in a panic, and hopefully you’ll have the best Mother’s Day ever!

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