10 things you know if you are a Mum of two boys

1 –  You can forget about having a nice and tidy hallway. You once used to dream about having a fresh and elegant hallway full of flowers and a gorgeous umbrella stand but instead it is filled with socks, shoes, rugby boots and backpacks. Any surface will soon be filled with phones, wallets, keys and bus passes. Say ‘goodbye’ to your dream of the beautiful picture in the interior magazine.

2 –  Dirty socks are everywhere; under the bed, on the bedside table, behind radiators, in school backpacks, anywhere and everywhere you can think of and some places that you can’t! The only place you can guarantee they won’t be is in the laundry basket. When your boys get older and reach a similar foot size to your husband you will soon have to start the not so fun guessing game of which sock belongs to whom every time you do the washing.

3 – No one will notice when you get your haircut. To make matters even worse, when you do point it out, your teenage son will ask why you paid for a new haircut when you always keep it tied up. Thanks boys!

4 – Your fridge will never be full and the cost of your weekly shop will make up almost a third of your family income. There are probably small countries where the consumption of eggs and milk is less than in our family.

5 – The toilet seat will be up always, no matter how many times you mention it to the men in your life. You will always wipe the floor around the toilet before you go to sit down, just in case the youngest has had any accidents without telling you. Don’t even think about having wallpaper in your bathroom, sometimes it isn’t just the floor that needs to be wiped!

6 – In time you discover that rugby matches, which you thought you hated, actually are not that bad. Also cartoons that you have been watching with your boys for years like “Cars” and “Toy story” you begin to miss as they start to grow out of them.

7 – You house will resemble something close to a garage or plastic barracks. Small cars, big cars, Buzz Lightyear, Ninja Turtles, guns, pellets and everything you can imagine are everywhere, all of the time. If you don’t quite convince them to tidy them away before bed, be prepared for an uncomfortable journey to the bathroom at night and be ready to hear the tirade of swear words from your husband who decided to have a covert midnight snack at 2am.

8 – A boy’s wardrobe is simple making shopping easier and cheaper than shopping for girls. Everything that you have goes together, they have a few pairs of pants, trousers and t-shirts. A small chest of drawers will be more than enough for two boys.

9 – As mum of two boys you will receive twice as many flowers on your birthday, mother’s day and international woman’s day.

10 – For all mad energy that your boys’ have, their wild sides and war games, they do love cuddles, kisses and always run to their mum when they are hurt or feeling unwell.

Sometimes life as a mum of two boys can feel pretty hectic but one thing you can count on is that they do really love their mum and that is the best feeling of all!

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